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Use Scramx to Drive More Sober Days in your Court
Tennessee Recovery & Monitoring
Tennessee Recovery & Monitoring
Tennessee Recovery & Monitoring :
Counties Served :
Tennessee Recovery & Monitoring (an S corporation within the state of Tennessee) provides SCRAMx Alcohol Monitoring, PharmChek drugs of abuse sweat patches, and Scram One Piece GPS services. The territory we currently own encompasses 72 counties in the state of Tennessee and we have a local representative in each county.

If you live in Tennessee, we can provide SCRAMx for you. We cover Hamilton County, Blount County, Anderson County, Bradley County, and Coffee County, TN. Our experienced Technicians are here to help you.
Why is SCRAMx effective
It is a Continuous Alcohol Monitor that detects drinking events 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Therefore acting as a deterrent keeping the recidivism rate as low as 9%.
PharmChek drugs of abuse sweat patches :
This is a state of the art, tamper-resistant patch that ensures a successful reading every time. This new-age patch detects cocaine, opiates (heroin, codine, morphine, oxycodone, hydrocodone, hydromorphone, oxymorphone), PCP, amphetamines, and marijuana, testing 24 hours a day and provides a sanitary, non-urine approach to drug testing.
PharmChek drugs of abuse sweat patches
SCRAM One-Piece GPS Tracking:
Omnilink GPS Tracking
The industry's most advanced offender electronic monitoring technology that confidently manages offenders in the community 24/7, indoors and out. Head-to-head comparisons confirm that SCRAM One-Piece GPS tracking system is best-of-breed, advancing standards through unrivaled reliability and ease of use.